Is That Daredev….Batman???

The new Daredevil/Nite Owl teaser trailer was released yesterday. Just kidding, we mean the latest Matt Reeves’ upcoming Batman stand-alone film with Robert Pattinson as Bats. The reason for the title is due to the red lighting, slow dark reveal, and the cowl resembling Watchman Nite Owl’s cowl. I’m not complaining about the actor Robert Pattinson, who has proved his acting chops but many others are. I will say judging off this teaser, the suit…

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Podcast Episodes

EP 24 : 2020

Happy New Year to All you Noobs out there. Ant & Jo gives their outlook for 2020 and what 2019 taught them on moving forward. We can not wait to see what our listeners change in themselves for 2020. 2020 is a big year and in the Random Noobs community we can feel it. Feel free to support our podcast at with a small donation or at We appreciate any donation from $.99 to…

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